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Specification:Our product quality
A. Choice Construction, zincalume metal material that is lightweight yet strong construction weighing
2. Practical, easy to install. Faster than installing tile on the other
3. Efficient, so that the wider expanse of use and more efficient use of
4. Reasonably priced, that can compare with the value of another tile. Solar roof is more efficient quality at a price
5. Stainless steel, made from the material of choice and a protective coating to prevent rust.
6. Leak-proof, construction materials and the possibility of fixing the leak, even the slightest seepage
7. Anti-cracking, not from other materials like tile, solar roof does not crack even if an impact
8. Color does not fade, painting and coating technology, modern paint colors preserved to maintain the beauty

Company Contact
Name:Mr. yislam Badjri [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Mobile Number:08129004561
Phone Number:(021) 85907135
Address:Jl.D.I.Panjaitan No.16 By Pass Jakarta Timur
Jakarta Timur 13340, Jakarta
Gsm : 08170843505, 08129004561 Cdma : ( 021) 90325295, ( 021) 93816722
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